MolSSI Workshop: Biomolecular Workflows

Date: September 12th-13th, 2017 

Organizers: Prof. T Daniel Crawford (MolSSI), Dr. Daniel G. A. Smith (MolSSI), Dr. Aaron Virshup (Autodesk), Merry Wang (Autodesk), Dr. John Chodera (MSKCC)

Location: Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, California

Distributed Workflows for Biomolecular Simulations is an invite-only, innovation-driven workshop hosted by MolSSI and Autodesk Life Sciences for academic and industry experts on how cloud-based workflow technologies will vastly accelerate pipelines from academic research to industrial discovery.


Workflow technologies simplify the processes of developing reliable computational methods, deploying reproducible software, exploiting scalable computing, and sharing standardized best practices. With increasing interest in such systems from academic, industrial, and computing groups, this two-day workshop will bring together a diverse group of experts to catalyze and develop modern workflow systems for biomolecular simulation.


Through industry experts and academic leaders, attendees will gain an overview of modern distributed workflow systems and its impact on related areas of biomolecular simulation. The Workshop will also facilitate collaborative exploration and discussion of technical requirements, interoperability standards, and detailed technical specifications for biomolecular drug design workflows. This will be supported by a open dialogue between computing providers, software developers, industry experts, and academic leaders in a flexible pace guided by topics that evolve through discussion. A detailed schedule can be found here.


The 2017 MolSSI Workflows Workshop will be held September 12-13, 2017 at the Autodesk Gallery San Francisco, CA.  Recommended hotels are: