MolSSI Brand Guidelines


The MolSSI brand consists of the main MolSSI logo, and several variations which are associated with different projects. All downloadable logo can be found here.

Main MolSSI Logos

There are two MolSSI logos. The logo saying “MolSSI” should be used for most MolSSI communications including websites, newsletters and presentations. The horizontal logo with the full name of the institute (“The Molecular Sciences Software Institute”) is used as a for official MolSSI letterheads and business cards.

MolSSI Main Logo
MolSSI Horizontal Logo

Inverted MolSSI Logos

These versions of the logo should be used in media with dark backgrounds.

MolSSI Main Logo – Inverted
MolSSI Horizontal Logo – Inverted

Special MolSSI Logos

Integral Reference Project Logo
Education Program Logo
MolSSI Cafe Logo
MolSSI AI Logo

Project Logos

This section is for MolSSI projects which have their own logos.

QCArchive main logo
MDI main logo
SEAMM main logo
zenopy main logo

Acknowledging MolSSI Funding

Work funded by MolSSI should acknowledge NSF grant CHE-2136142 on all publications and presentations.

Software fellows publications might use:

“[ Software Fellow Name ] was supported by a fellowship from The Molecular Sciences Software Institute under NSF grant CHE-2136142”

Color Palette

The MolSSI color palette consists of black, gray, and red. The RGB and hex values of these colors are listed below.

RGB: 0, 0, 0

HEX: 000000

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100

RGB: 57, 53, 54

HEX: 393536

CMYK: 15, 100, 37, 45

RGB: 237, 28, 36

HEX: ed1c24

CMYK: 0, 88, 85, 7


MolSSI uses the fonts DIN and DIN Condensed. Both of these can be found in the fonts directory.

DIN Condensed is used for titles and the text in MolSSI main logo #2.

Presentation Templates

The poster template for the NSF site visit is here. Please note that this template has the MolSSI logo, NSF logo (lower right corner), and a spot for the Software Fellow’s institution logo (upper left corner). The fonts for this template are DIN and DIN Condensed, which can be found here.

Visit the Github page for all other brand assets and downloads