Introduction to QCArchive: Free Online Webinar!

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 21 from 1-3 pm ET (10 am – 12 pm PT) for a webinar introducing the newly released QCArchive software.  QCArchive is a MolSSI open-source software product that helps users run large numbers of QM calculations and archive the results.  In this interactive webinar, we will introduce the features, use cases, and fundamentals of QCArchive. Each participant will gain hands-on experience using QCArchive, so you can see how QCArchive could benefit your research team.  No prior experience with QCArchive is required; this workshop will start from the very beginning.  Register here.

Prerequisites: No prior experience using QCArchive is needed to participate in the webinar.  The interactive portion of the workshop will use Python, so basic understanding of Python syntax is recommended.  The level of Python knowledge required is very basic; completing the Introduction lesson of the MolSSI Python Scripting workshop would be sufficient. Information about installing the software using conda will be set out to all participants ahead of the workshop.  

Space is limited and preregistration is required!  Registration form