Congratulations to the First MolSSI Software Fellows!

The MolSSI Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Science and Software Advisory Board has chosen the winners of the 2017 Phase-I Software Fellowships!

  • Patrick Avery, University of Buffalo
  • Nadav Geva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Kate Lebold, Penn State University
  • Srinivas Mushnoori, Rutgers University
  • Marc Riera-Riambau, University of California, San Diego
  • Erik Thiede, University of Chicago
  • Oanh Vu, Vanderbilt University
  • David Williams-Young, University of Washington
  • Boyi Zhang, University of Georgia
  • Jun Zhang, University of Illinois (postdoc award)

The competition was incredibly stiff, with more than 50 impressive applications.  The recipients will receive six months of support and are eligible for the Phase-II competition later this year.