BioExcel/MolSSI Workshop on Workflows in Biomolecular Simulations

As part of the collaborative framework, BioExcel CoE and MolSSI are organizing a series of workshops on the application of workflow solutions for biomolecular modeling and simulations. This first event will be hosted by BioExcel in Barcelona with a planned follow-up in 2019 in the US hosted by MolSSI. Background Workflows are an increasingly important aspect of biomolecular simulation science. Over […]

Best Practices in Software Development Workshop @ SERMACS

MolSSI will hold a workshop on Best Practices in Software Development workshop at the 2018  Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS). The workshop will take place from 9 AM to 4:30 PM at the Augusta Marriott on Wednesday, October 31st. These best practices include version control with git and GitHub, unit and […]

MolSSI Workshop for SSE/SSI PIs

Organizer: Daniel Crawford Location: Kimpton Donovan Hotel, Washington, D.C. Date: April 29 2018 The MolSSI organized an afternoon workshop focused on PIs of current SSE/SSI projects that are relevant to the computational molecular sciences. The purpose of the meeting was to: inform SSE/SSI researchers of the MolSSI’s mandate and goals; to learn more about on-going […]

Summer School and Workshop Parallel Computing in Molecular Sciences

Organizers: Bert de Jong (LBNL), Robert Harrison (Stony Brook University, MolSSI), Edward Valeev (Virginia Tech), Carlos Simmerling (Stony Brook University) Location: Berkeley, CA Dates: 6-9 August 2018 The parallel computing in molecular sciences summer school is focused on educating and training a new generation of graduate students and postdocs in molecular sciences in advanced high-performance […]

MolSSI Coding Workshop @ MERCURY 2018

The MolSSI will host a coding workshop at the upcoming 2018 MERCURY Consortium conference at Furman University, July 18-19.  This workshop will offer up to 50 undergraduate attendees at the conference an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of running and analyzing molecular dynamics simulations using OpenMM and MDTraj, how to use GitHub as a repository for […]

MolSSI Workshop on Tinker Modeling Software

Organizers: Pengyu Ren and Jay Ponder Location: University of Texas, Austin, Texass Dates: 2-4 June 2018 This workshop will focus on molecular modeling code development and synchronization, simulation algorithms and force field implementation, and integration between programs, as well as tutorials and applications of TINKER, TINKER-HP/OpenMM and related tools. More information is available here. A report […]

MolSSI Workshop on Python for Quantum Chemistry and Materials Simulation

Organizer: Qiming Sun Location: CalTech, Pasadena, California Dates: 29-30 June 2018 This MolSSI-sponsored workshop will focus on the development and use of Python-based open-source software stacks for quantum chemistry and materials science. A report on the workshop is available here

MolSSI Workshop on Solving or Circumventing Eigenvalue Problems in Electronic Structure Theory

Organizers: Volker Blum (Duke U.), Jianfeng Lu (Duke U.), Alvaro Vazquez-Mayagoitia (Argonne National Lab), Chao Yang (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) Location: Richmond, Virginia Dates: 15-17 August, 2018 Workshop website: The eigenvalue problem touches virtually every application of electronic structure theory to molecular or solid-state (materials) simulations.  For small problems, traditional O(N^3) eigenvalue solver libraries are […]

MolSSI Workshop on Modular Software Infrastructure for Excited State Dynamics

Organizer: Prof. Alexey Akimov Location: University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY Dates: 8-11 June 2018 The workshop brought together quantum chemistry and quantum dynamics experts developing methodologies and software for excited states dynamics in a broader sense, including semi-classical and quantum-classical theories of nuclear quantum and nonadiabatic effects. The workshop encompassed niche methodological developments, emphasizing the needs and capabilities […]

MolSSI/Science Gateways Community Institute Workshop

Date: Tuesday, March 20th, 2018  Location: Chart A Room, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, 2 Poydras St, New Orleans, Louisiana Organizers: Sudhakar Pamidighantam (Indiana University), Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (University of California, San Diego), Marlon Pierce (Indiana University) The goals for this workshop were to catalyze greater usage of science gateways and advanced cyberinfrastructure by the molecular science community, to […]