What should I stress in a workshop proposal submission?

(1) The relevance of the proposed workshop topic to the Institute’s goals; (2) the breadth of the impact across the molecular sciences; and (3) the strength and diversity of the participant list.

Does my workshop have to be held at the MolSSI or even in the U.S.?

While we are well equipped to host your workshop at MolSSI HQ, workshops can be held anywhere that would best serve your target community.

Who can help me with planning logistics?

We can either do this in-house, or in cases where you want to charge a nominal registration fee to help offset charges that NSF funding cannot cover (e.g., alcohol), we will enlist the services of Virginia Tech’s Office of Continuing and Professional Education to help with planning and billing.

Are there restrictions on how I use my funds?

There are.  We must adhere to federally mandated per diem rates (on both food and lodging). Alcohol cannot be purchased.

Can the MolSSI handle travel arrangements for speakers if I wish to use my funding that way?

Yes. We can arrange for speaker travel with our trusted travel agency who bills us directly.

What other restrictions should I be aware of?

Federal (and VT) guidelines are pretty specific regarding full travel reimbursements for attendees “who are not providing a service to the university,” e.g., as an invited speaker, instructor, or similar. Therefore, for example, students who attend a workshop for learning purposes would be taxed on their reimbursement.  We’ll work with you on this.