When was the MolSSI launched?

August 2016, funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant #ACI-1547580

Where is the MolSSI located?

Near the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, VA

What is the MolSSI’s broad mandate?

The Molecular Sciences Software Institute is designed to serve and enhance the software development efforts of the broad field of computational molecular science (CMS) – a broad domain that includes quantum chemistry, computational materials science, and biomolecular simulation.  The MolSSI’s goal is to enable molecular scientists to tackle problems that are orders of magnitude larger and […]

What are the MolSSI’s primary activities?

Software infrastructure development Software workshops Software Fellowship program Software education Engaging underrepresented groups Engaging industry and national laboratories International engagement

Can I list external job opportunities in the molecular sciences with the MolSSI?

Yes! Send your inquiry to info@molssi.org.  See: https://molssi.org/job-opportunities/